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Large chemical plants & oil refineries typically have each 6 to 10 year stops (TurnAround) to execute necessary large maintenance, plant and installation renewals and expansions. DDC provides a suite of software solutions for managing actual and forecasted costs during such a TurnAround.

The suite consists of several systems that can be used as an integrated solution, but also only as individual components. Whatever suits your needs at some point in time.

Extra Work Request approval.

Despite concise planning, in every TurnAround extra unforeseen work will occur. Our software tool supports the process of requesting approval for extra work. EWR requests can be created by contractors or employees. Upon filling in the request, a description and initial cost estimates are entered. The system will then offer the request to relevant managers, asking for additional input and approval or rejection. The exact workflow can be configured to suit the needs for any organisation.

By using a web-based solution, contractors will always have access and up-to-date information about the status of each request and the budget that is approved or still pending. Relevant data is available in the TurnAround dashboard to ensure insight in the additional costs, both during and after the TurnAround. For each request and every contractor, the tool keeps track of the requested and approved budget and can compare initial estimates with final costs.

Overtime registration.

The Overtime module provides insight in the overtime hours made by contractors. Contractors can enter overtime requests (from PC or mobile). Additional details (like block, shift and reason) are added. One request can cover a group of employees. The requests become visible for the relevant and authorized manager. The manager can approve or reject (with a reason) and each contractor can access the overview of requests with the status and feedback. The approved overtime hours are shown in the reports in the TurnAround dashboard.

Waiting hours registration.

When keeping the costs of a TurnAround under control, waiting hours are something to pay attention to. By using this module, contractors need to file a request for approval of waiting hours. The exact approval flow can be customized to determine who is responsible for approval.

Often, a two-step approach is used, asking for review by a supervisor and approval (or rejection) by the responsible manager. As with all data gathered in these modules, the results are visible in the TurnAround dashboard.

Assigning hours on-site.

All plants have access control systems. The data from these systems can be used as an extra check on time spent on-site by contractors. This module gathers the access data per person and provides a web-based tool to assign the hours spent on-site to specific projects or activities. When relevant, additional equipment can be added to a time-slot. By entering costs per hour (for people and equipment), this data is part of the TurnAround cost estimations in the TurnAround dashboard: comparing estimates/contracts with actuals.

FEC-tool (Final Estimated Costs).

Next to all the technical and organisational components of a TurnAround, Cost Management is crucial. A TurnAround starts with a budget and during the TurnAround, regular updates of the Final Estimated Costs need to be prepared (when required by management or when new information is available). The FEC-tool supports:

  • Initial Budget and Scenario’s including comparison of the various scenarios.
  • Preparing a detailed latest FEC with possibilities to compare the various reported FEC’s over time
  • Cost Control: compare (selected) FEC with Actuals

A FEC is prepared using drivers (sub-planning) for various parts of the costs, thereby reducing the amount of work to replan. Examples of these drivers are:

  • Internal Organisation
  • Scaffolding
  • Cranage
  • Facilities

Turnaround dashboard.

The TurnAround dashboard supports TurnAround-management with the latest relevant information to support analyses but also your daily status meetings / updates. Information from various sources is combined and available at any time. The dashboard provides information on the following subjects (assuming data is available, e.g. by implementing the other modules of the DDC Turnaround management: Monitoring & Support solution *).

  • Health & Safety
  • Persons on site (per contractor)
  • Planning of activities, including Earned versus Burned (planned hours versus actual hours) *
  • Extra Work Request *
  • Overtime *
  • Waiting hours *
  • Worked Hours *
  • Costs
  • Final Estimated Costs *

The content and look & feel of the dashboard can be tailored to the requirements of your organisation, thereby supporting your specific needs. The information can also be used as input for the evaluation of the TurnAround and the (financial) settlement with the contractors. There is both high level and detailed information available on e.g. hours worked, Extra Work, Overtime, Waiting hours and Earned versus Burned (how many hours were planned and how many hours were worked on specific jobs).

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